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Bullet Vinyl Glider
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Bullet Vinyl Glider

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Item # BT92-2095
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The Bullet Vinyl Glider gives the professional an easy solution to rip-cuts. Make straight, clean, score-and-snap cuts on luxury vinyl planks or luxury vinyl tile up to 9.5" wide. Achieve faster and easier installation of vinyl flooring while maintaining professional results. We are proud to design, engineer, manufacture, and assemble in the USA.

  • Adjustable fence keeps your scores perfectly straight
  • Adjustable blade cartridge locks in place
  • Non-stick runners glide effortlessly across floors and under vinyl
  • Blade extends and retracts to cut thick or thin planks
  • Built in rulers and locking fence make precision widths easy

The Bullet Vinyl Glider is a straight-edge, measuring tool, and rotary cutter in one! Lengthwise cuts on vinyl planks can be a tedious task, especially with thick luxury vinyl. The Bullet Vinyl Glider makes a quick, precise score on a variety of LVT and LVP sizes with its adjustable fence system.

To use, put your plank between the two Teflon-coated runners and slide the adjustable end block (black) against your board. Then adjust the blade receiver (gold) to align the center mark with your cut. Lock in place by pushing down on the lock lever. Extend the blade by turning the comfort grip knob clockwise. Push the tool along the length of the plank, pressing firmly on the knob for a smooth, straight score to easily snap. *Cutting unapproved materials will void warranty.
  • Round OLFA-style blade makes score-and-snap cuts on vinyl flooring
  • Adjustable depth blade cuts vinyl from .080" (2mm) and .25"( 6mm) thick
  • Locking blade cartridge aligns on rulers for precision width cuts
  • Sliding, locking fence holds any width vinyl, up to 9.5", in place for perfectly straight scores
  • Flexible steel rails allow for the perfect amount of pressure to be applied on blade
  • Non-stick aluminum runners keep planks in place for straight cuts and glide across any surface
  • As deep as .160" (4mm) along any length of board up to 9.5" wide
  • Cut widths between .375" and 9.125"
  • Uses 28mm Rotary Blades (Bullet Tools part number 2095B)
  • Cuts vinyl planks or tiles up to 9.5" wide
  • Cuts vinyl planks or tiles between .080" and .325" thick
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